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Costa Rica School Project, Inc.'s -- Micro Lending Facility

Micro Lending Facility (MLF) is a small non-profit loan program that depends on the generous support of caring friends like you. Our micro lending program aids local farmers, merchants, and entrepreneurs through small loans for cattle, seeds, equipment, and other investments for an opportunity to better their lives. This is a small service to the rural community of Zaragoza de Nicoya, Province of Guanacaste.  The initial capitalization of the project will be $10,000, which will provide up to 20 low interest loans with maximum terms of 24 months and $500 each. 

By donating here you can contribute to sustainable economic development in a disadvantaged region of Central America.  Through meetings with the local community it was learned that while the men of Guanacaste were in need to loans for agriculture, the women needed assistance in their home spun cottage-industries, such as sewing shops.

This program is modeled on the successful Grameen Bank (Banker To The Poor, Muhammad Yunus), which began in Bangladesh in 1976 with $27.00 and later grew to serve over seven million families with loans over six billion dollars.  More than 250 institutions in nearly 100 countries operate micro-credit programs based on the Grameen methodology. 

The MLF has already received over 20 applications from local residents (many are first time borrowers)  who are seeking funds for the improvement of their coffee farms, purchase of more livestock, and some new projects such as a home sewing operation. All applications will be reviewed by a three person loan committee comprised of Zaragoza community members with final approval made by the Costa Rica School Project management.

Donate Now - Phase One Goal is $10,000

Seth and Mayela have put up the first $2,500 and now are seeking just $7,500 to make this dream a reality. Donors of $250 or more will receive a copy of Banker To The Poor and those donating $1,000 or more can enjoy one week stay in the only two-story house in Zaragoza, just 35 minutes from a pristine white sand beach (Liberia International Airport - LIR).

Note:  Administrative and other fees for the program are entirely donated and 100% of the money contributed goes directly into the loan fund.

Feel free to donate whatever you can.  Be is $25, $100, $250, or $1,000.  We can ALL make a difference.

Donations by check payable to Costa Rica School Project, Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 4389, Chico, California 95927-4389.  Or, donate now by simply pressing on the PayPal button below. 

Donations of $250 or $1,000 receive special incentives (see below).

We'll mail you the below book free of charge for a donation of $250.


Or receive a 1-week stay at the below 2-Story home located
nearby a beautiful white-sand beach -- yours with a donation of $1,000

(accommodations only; travel at own expense)

Costa Rica School Project, Inc.

P.O. Box 4389, Chico, California 95927-4389

Telephone: (415) 648-7007