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The Costa Rica School Project, Inc. (CRSP) was incorporated in California on May 27, 2004 by Seth and Mayela Derish and enjoys both state and federal tax exemptions. All donations to the school project are considered charitable contributions and are fully tax exempt. Consult your tax professional for more information. Please contact our office should you wish copies of these exemption letters.

The first project of the CRSP was to build a secondary school in Zaragoza de Nicoya, a rural community of 70 families tucked into the Northwestern corner of Costa Rica. After raising almost $10,000 from our generous U.S. donors and sweat equity from the community, the school was put up about 18 months later. As the CR government began a secondary education project in another nearby rural community about the same time as our construction, the CRSP building became the town's "salon" or community center. This salon serves multiple purposes - community wide meetings, seminars for the youth, shelter from severe weather, hall for post soccer game celebrations and venue for weddings and other family events. 

The Zaragoza region area has little services - a community clinic served once a month by rotating doctors, a primary school, two small stores (pulperias), a small church and a community very dependent on the price of world coffee.  During better times, many community members would work in construction or the tourism industry in the nearby towns of Nosara and Playa Samara.  However, the worldwide recession has had a serious impact on these earnings and they must revert to agriculture and other traditional sources of income.

The Costa Rica School Project is happy to announce the formation of the Micro Lending Facility.

Donations to the Micro Lending Facility can be done using the PayPal button below.  Donations of $250 or $1,000 receive special incentives.  For more information click on this link: Donate Now!

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